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Where Indulgence and Serenity Meet

A Mediterranean Experience Like You’ve Never Had Before

Between your daily itinerary and the beauty of this warm, dreamy location, Cookbook is the perfect place to wind down and spend quality time with family and friends.


Rest for the body and pleasure for the senses

Do whatever you want—whether it’s enjoying a spa day with your partner, joining a cooking class with a renowned chef, eating good food or simply relaxing.


Air conditioner
Best price
Minibar ***
Pets allowed
Private spa
Open Bar
24h Cafeteria
The Cookbook hotel
Double Room
Perfect for any holiday, this charming abode has a large terrace and colorful, modern furnishings.
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The Cookbook hotel
Junior Suite
•Guests planning a romantic getaway should consider this spacious suite, which comes with modern luxuries, a large terrace and spectacular views of the Rock of Ifach.
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The Cookbook hotel
Junior Suite with Whirlpool Bath
This third-floor suite has all of the conveniences and views of the Junior Suite, with the added luxury of a therapeutic Whirlpool bath.
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